May 15, 2007

“I've Been Tagged!!!”

Ha! I have been tagged!!!

I'd like to thank Karen Schmidt from Louisiana Edgewood Art for tagging me (I am embarrassed to mention how long ago). What fun! You can read the rules on her Blog's post; "I've Been Tagged".

First I am to give seven facts about me (I assume unique things not already found in my profile). Well here it goes!

1. The comma key on my keyboard is broken.

2. We have one beagle named Mabel. What a hoUUUUUnd!

3. I don't grow weeds I grow wildflowers.

4. My eye glasses come from the DollarTree.

5. Still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

6. Run around the court chasing tennis balls several times a week.

7. I try hard to never squat with my spurs on. Trust me...

Now I am supposed to come up with 7 people to tag but I was invited to do this by a blogging friend that has a lot of the same cyber-friends as I... she's tagged them first!!

1. Mary Sheehan Winn. Her fun use of color and artistic style really shine in each of her pieces. I love spending my mornings (when not so crazy) viewing her recent work.

2. Debbie Miller. She has a fun way of capturing real life in her work.

3. Rebecca Finch A wonderful still life artist and a fellow WetCanvas member!

4. Linda Blondheim Holy cow what wonderful landscapes. Her blog has great suggestions and demos that are so incredibly helpful. OH! And Linda’s also a WetCanvas member.