January 29, 2017

As Promised

There's a blog post I made a few years ago, "TaDa". That post is linked to a Pinterest photo and both seem to be very popular. I shared the link to Ravelry's pattern but the link sends you around and around and around. Some of you may be patient, determined and lucky to finally find the pattern, but recently I gave up on that link.

'•'¯°··°¯ '•'¯°··°¯ '•'¯°··°¯ '•'¯°··°¯ '•'

Here's my version of the Heart part of the pattern (I made slight changes to, years ago.).
Again, I used the heart pattern from the old pattern because I didn't copy the entire pattern. When I made the adult size sweater, I incorporated cable patterns from a book of cable patterns. The actual sweater pattern is a basic sweater pattern I have in my head... you can follow any basic sweater pattern and add your own cable designs.

..|–.,·°¯ '•'¯°·‚.=/•¿•\=.,·°¯'•' ¯°·‚.–|..


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